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Dr. Christine Bokman studied organic chemistry at Princeton University before attending medical school at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, where she performed groundbreaking research on aging at the atomic level. She completed her residency training in eye surgery at the top program worldwide, UCLA: The Stein Eye Institute. After, she trained in facial cosmetic plastic surgery at USC, learning from the world's leading experts of plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, CA.

Using her background in organic chemistry, aging, and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Bokman developed FutureTox®, a multifunctional serum that has changed the way we think about skincare.

FutureTox® contains bee venom and other all natural ingredients that are a safe alternative to injections. It is not a substitute for injectables and cosmetic surgery, but is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, visibly plump skin, and skin's dewey glow.

If you're a fan of injections, FutureTox® can be used in the interim to reduce the look of wrinkles without breaking the bank. If you're not ready for Botox, FutureTox® is the serum for you.


"Hi, I'm Dr. Bokman. I am a medical doctor and surgeon. You just walked into a space where there’s room for improvement, a lot of improvement - skincare - an industry overwhelmed with choices, unreliable claims, and photoshopped images. I am a medical doctor who has taken care of the most basic patient needs to the finest details of skincare at the atomic level.

I was first a consumer, and fooled by lots of false claims of doctor-endorsed skincare products when I couldn't afford to break the bank. I personally love and use the products on a daily basis. FutureTox is natural and painless alternative to injections. The future is now."